Monday, March 2, 2015

 Kicking The Dr. Pepper Habit

   So today is an important day, I am going to kick the Dr. Pepper habit starting tomorrow. Now some of you may think, "so what's the big deal?". Well, I have been trying for a long time and can't seem to get past day four. I go through the headaches and shakes coming off the caffeine and then I get one more Dr. Pepper to just get past it and I am hooked again.

   I have literally been trying for years, but this time I am going to do it. I AM DETERMINED! I didn't weigh in tonight at my Weight Watchers meeting because I had had four Dr. Peppers today, and I knew if I weighed in it wasn't going to be pretty. The leader of our pack asked me why I didn't want to weigh in? I told her and she said the only way to quit is to go cold turkey.
   So now I am going to go get my last one and enjoy it immensely. Wish me luck!