Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Beautiful Spring Mornin’♦

In the East the sun begins to rise
As the nightly stars begin to say their goodbyes
In the West the sky is still dark
Far in the distance, A lonely dog barks
A dove sits on a wire strung through the sky
The baby next door awakens and begins to cry
The robin sings her song of spring
A new day her song is about to bring
The newly mowed grass is heavily covered with dew
The grass that was mowed by you know who
A Finch flies by and lightly lands in a tree
And on the bird house it begins to pee
A cardinal from the roof top begins to whistle
It eyes the ground looking for thistle
The flowers begin to open their blooms
As the new day in the sky still looms
The dew begins to drip from the roof top
As a blue bird begins singing hip hop
But this is Saturday mornin' and I would like to sleep
And it is silence I would like the birds to keep
If the birds continue their songs to sing
I am going to go out and break their wings